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Terri Malone

Director of Benefits

Terri is Kristi’s older sister; throughout their lives, they have always said they look like twins and shared many great laughing moments together. Terri witnessed Kristi’s strength through her fight with breast cancer and was always incredibly proud to see how she, “Never hung her head low, never lost her halo” through all the hurdles and challenges she suffered.

Terri was amazed and excited when her son, Chase Wilsey, initiated the creation of the Fighter's Fight Foundation to honor her sister and help other women and families battling the disease.

As someone who obtains a long history as a nurse in Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation and is currently is a professor at Miramar College, Terri's experience working with patients and educating students in the health and illness prevention field has lent to her compassion for others who struggle with health challenges.

As the Director of Benefits, Terri will help manage the organization’s charitable giving. This role will guide the nonprofit to achieve its charitable goals with patients. In addition, Terri will help to develop outreach strategies and oversee aspects of events to assist and guide fundraising. Those at the foundation are very excited to have her kind heart and experience alongside us to help execute our mission. 

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