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Riley Wilsey

Director of Events

As Kristi’s niece, Riley Wilsey felt her aunt was always an important and focal force in her life. Always maintaining a close relationship, the pair were constantly involved in trouble-making shenanigans. Growing up, Riley knew if she ever needed laughter or positivity, Kristi would always find a way to make it happen. Over many years, Riley watched as her aunt continued to illustrate strength in her journey with breast cancer. To this day, Riley affirms that Kristi proved to be a fighter, never giving up, and always doing so with a smile on her face. 

When Riley first became aware of the foundation, she knew she wanted to be a part of it; after Kristi’s passing, she felt compelled to be involved in something that would help the women and families affected by breast cancer in San Diego. With her years of leadership experience in the restaurant industry, Riley’s skills in organization, communication, and fast-paced, event-based environments prepare her well for her role with the foundation. As director of events, Riley will be responsible for coordinating experiences that not only raise funds for women in need, but also bring awareness to those in our community.

Riley is looking forward to helping many individuals fight the same fight her aunt did. She seeks to provide the support necessary for affected women and families to get through these difficult circumstances and wants to relay and exhibit that this foundation will always fight for them. 

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