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Jonathan Petersen


It's easy for anyone to see, helping those with breast cancer is not only important to Jonathan, but also a deeply personal endeavor. His mother, Margaret, has twice been diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully, she is now living cancer free, but Jonathan is no stranger to the difficulties a breast cancer diagnosis can bring to a family.

When long time friend and current president of the foundation, Chase Wilsey, contacted Jonathan in search for some help with a breast cancer organization, the request for Jonathan's assistance was met with a resounding "yes."

As Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Treasurer, Jonathan will oversee all financial elements involved in running a charitable organization. In doing so, Jonathan's ultimate goal is to efficiently and effectively streamline how all money raised is directly allocated toward benefitting women and families in need. Jonathan currently works as a financial planner and is finishing his coursework for certification of financial planning. 

Jonathan was born and raised in Poway, California and still lives in San Diego County. He has relayed a dedication to the Fighter's Fight Foundation is excited to provide opportunities to women and families battling breast cancer.

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