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Harrison Johnson

V.P. of Finance

Harrison was affected by breast cancer when a close family friend passed away several years ago. Throughout his own life, Harrison remembers many ski trips, beach vacations, and sporting events with her in attendance. To this day, he is still very close with her son and often remembers her as "a light to her family and community, loved and respected by all who knew her." In addition to this experience, Harrison’s own father and aunt are cancer survivors. Altogether he is not unfamiliar with the challenges cancer diagnoses bring to families. He describes the Fighter’s Fight Foundation as a way to give back to those going through similar experiences.

​As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioner with degrees in finance and management, Harrison has a strong understanding of tax and financial operations which will aid him in his role as VP of Finance.  It is his responsibility to be sure the accounting and tax reporting for the charity are compliant.

​Harrison is from Phoenix, Arizona originally and moved to San Diego in late 2016.  He is currently the financial planner at Wilsey Asset Management working alongside Chase daily. In his free time, Harrison enjoys water activities, working out, and spending time with friends.

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