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Dillon McMahon

Director of Marketing

Dillon is no stranger to the effects of breast cancer; unfortunately, more than one of his family members have passed away from the disease. However, having been a part of the many struggles breast cancer has forced upon his family, Dillon’s passion for helping others affected by the disease has grown to action; presented with the opportunity to help the Fighter’s Fight Foundation, Dillon was all-in right away.

Dillon has spent most of his life in San Diego, with the exception of 2-years in Surprise, Arizona as the Director of Operations and Media Manager of a new college football program. It was in this position Dillon gained his passion for media and learned of the impact media representation can have on an organization. In a recent and exciting leap of faith, Dillon decided to move back to San Diego, closer to friends and family, and start his own media company.

Dillon's focused objective in his role at the Fighter’s Fight Foundation is to illustrate—through media—just how impactful a single donation can be. Believing in the integrity of each donation, Dillon wants to clearly depict each event and benefit, so families know exactly where their donations are spent. In addition, Dillon maintains driven in goals of punctuality and timeliness to keep the Fighter’s Fight Foundation updated at all times. In doing so, he knows each donor and beneficiary will feel as much a part of our team as we do; and that’s the goal—to fight together.

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