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Our Team Members


Alex Inman

Brand Manager

For Alex, the most important things in life always start with family and friends. After seeing many individuals struggle with the battle of breast cancer in his life, Alex wanted to honor those people by contributing to Fighter’s Fight Foundation.


Dillon McMahon

Director of Marketing

Dillon is no stranger to the effects of breast cancer; unfortunately, more than one of his family members have passed away from the disease.


Jonathan Petersen


It's easy for anyone to see, helping those with breast cancer is not only important to Jonathan, but also a deeply personal endeavor. His mother, Margaret, has twice been diagnosed with breast cancer. 


Riley Wilsey

Director of Events

As Kristi’s niece, Riley Wilsey felt her aunt was always an important and focal force in her life. Always maintaining a close relationship, the pair were constantly involved in trouble-making shenanigans.


Chase Wilsey


After watching his Aunt Kristi battle breast cancer for years, Chase sought to start the Fighter's Fight Foundation to honor the courageous champion she was and to help others battling the disease.


Halee Boegler

Marketing Assistant

Halee was raised in Poway and is always looking for ways to help her community. Because of Covid, Halee has been blessed to be a stay at home mom.


Kylie Calavito

Vice President

As Kristi’s oldest daughter, Kylie Colavito, was honored to be asked to uphold the position of Vice President for the Fighter’s Fight Foundation.


Taylor Foley


A Southern California native, Taylor has resided in San Diego for over 5 years. After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in English in 2018 from Point Loma Nazarene University, she began working for a California non-profit law firm.


Chris Corless

Director of Corporate Outreach

Chris was born and raised in Poway, California and currently resides in Encinitas. Working in Talent Acquisition for Illumina, a local San Diego Life Science company, Chris is extremely passionate about the hope of primary prevention when it comes to cancer.


Harrison Johnson

V.P. of Finance

Harrison was affected by breast cancer when a close family friend passed away several years ago. Throughout his own life, Harrison remembers many ski trips, beach vacations, and sporting events with her in attendance.


Nash Wilsey

Executive Assistant

Nash Wilsey, one of Kristi’s nephews, experienced a great loss with the passing of his aunt and sought to help his older brother, Chase, with the Fighter's Fight Foundation.


Terri Malone

Director of Benefits

Terri is Kristi’s older sister; throughout their lives, they have always said they look like twins and shared many great laughing moments together.

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