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Our Grants

Experiences for San Diego breast cancer fighters, to cultivate an impact you can feel. We Fight Together. 


Christmas Experience

When Fighter’s Fight started, we knew Christmas for families enduring a breast cancer diagnosis was likely more distressing than joyous. Wrought with the emotional and physical challenges of treatments, and the financial stresses of medical bills, families struggling through breast cancer are often unable to give to the holiday season in the ways they might like. Through our Christmas Experience grant, we are able to offer a customizable package dedicated to the entire family receiving their needs and wants that year. Up to the family’s discretion we typically include:


  • Letter to Santa

  • Live tree with delivery and disposal

  • Tree décor

  • Requested gifts for each family member

  • Surprise gifts for each family member

  • Full wrapping

  • Gift delivery prior to Christmas Day


This experience is our absolute passion, and a joy to be a part of!


Thanksgiving Experience

Similar to our Christmas experience, the holidays are stressful as they are. When you add in a breast cancer diagnosis, everything can feel overwhelming. In our Thanksgiving experience, we provide:


  • Dinner provided by Honey Baked Ham Co., including your choice of main course(s), side(s), and desert(s)

  • Delivery to your home on or before Thanksgiving day


Padres Baseball Experience

We know that often families avoid outings when going through a health challenge, but as San Diego natives we also know sometimes it’s good to get out of the house and doing something fun again! In the past we have offered families lawn tickets, stand tickets, parking passes, and food and beverage accommodations necessary to enjoy the day with each other.


Spa Experience

The stressful discomforts of breast cancer treatments take a huge toll on the body; we wanted to alleviate as much of that as possible, so we thought, what better than a spa day? Tucked away on the golf courses of Ranch Bernardo, lives the small and serene Rancho Bernardo Inn with gorgeous spa facilities. Through this experience, we are pleased to offer:


  • Two full day treatment passes for our grant recipient and a friend or family member

  • A choice of two treatments each from the spa menu (Massage, Facial, Body Treatments)

  • Full day use of the spa and their facilities

  • Pool cabana

  • Lunch service


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