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Our Mission


Our foundation is family based and in loving memory of Kristi Malone-Bullock, who fought breast cancer for over 3 years until her passing on January 15th, 2020. Her father Larry began calling her Rocky as her constant determination and positive attitude resembled that of a champion. A mother, aunt, sister, and friend to so many of us, she is a loving spirit we will never forget.

The Kristi Malone-Bullock Story


A Letter from a Loved One...


Teaching was Kristi’s calling and she often taught and brought joy to so many people throughout her life. She did her teaching through her motherhood, life as a wife, time as a daughter, sister and friend, but she also did so through sharing her journey with breast cancer. No matter how she relayed her experiences, attitude, conversation, or information, Kristi positively impacting as many lives as she could along the way.


Kristi’s battle with breast cancer began In 2016. She felt a small bump in her breast and decided to go in to see the doctor and have it looked at. It had been over a year since her last mammogram and, as any woman would, she wanted to make sure it was nothing to worry about. After a series of doctor’s appointments, Kristi was called back in. Her doctor entered the room, sat with her, and explained her diagnosis: Stage 3 breast cancer. In complete shock, she looked at medical professional beside her and told him he had to have been wrong. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Kristi began a valiant attempt to process what was about to be the hardest experience of her life.


Throughout her journey what became so recognizable is that we always think and hear about these sorts of situations, never really considering it could happen to any one of us. Anyone could wake up one day and find themselves in a bad accident, the victim of horrible injustice, or just find a small bump that ends up being an aggressive 2+ cancer. Nonetheless, no one is ever prepared for moments like these; no one should be.


After Kristi was diagnosed, she began aggressive chemo treatments for a year and was then told she was cancer free. We celebrated this achievement. It was a great one. A few months later, Kristi moved to Florida, where she reconnected with her college sweetheart, Brian Bullock, and continued her journey of living life to the fullest, raising her youngest daughter while her oldest was in college. And everything finally felt normal.


A few months after the big move, Kristi went back in for a routine check-up. Unfortunately, the doctors found her cancer had gone into a lymph node, which then spread to her lungs and into her neck. She had plenty of emotions, but never let them come in the way of stopping her from putting up the strongest battle of her life. Kristi jumped into research and documented most of her days to show friends and family her progress as well as the effects of chemo, radiation, and hydration treatments. In doing so, she also sought to reach out to friends on Facebook to ensure women were aware of their bodies, as well as comfortable and healthy with themselves physically and emotionally. She ended up getting over 100 women to message her, all letting her know she was the one to push them to get their mammograms on time; she used every ounce of her struggle to educate others.


Kristi passed away on January 15, 2020, after fighting harder than anyone I’ve ever seen fight before. The Fighter’s Fight Foundation wants to continue her legacy and touch the lives of as many women possible, in the same way Kristi was able too. It is because of her that we fight together.


- Kylie Colavito

  Daughter of Kristi Malone-Bullock


Our Mission

At the Fighter's Fight Foundation, we believe being able to continue creating valuable, positive, supportive memories with our loved ones helps impacted families stand toe-to-toe with this difficult disease in strength. Therefore, it is our mission to give as much memorable relief as possible to those facing a breast cancer diagnosis.


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