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Experiences for San Diego breast cancer fighters, to cultivate an impact you can feel. 

About Us

For Chase Wilsey, Founder of the Fighter’s Fight Foundation, donating to breast cancer research felt stagnant against the depth of what had just happened to his family.


In 2016, when his aunt, Kristi Malone-Bullock, was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer, his whole world stopped. His aunt was in shock and he was devastated, not knowing what to do for someone he loved so completely. As the cancer progressed, fled, and then returned, Chase’s family was ever-emotional as Kristi fought through the next 4 years valiantly, never giving up.


Kristi’s passing in January of 2020 was unlike anything Chase had ever experienced. He was foggy, emotional, and wishing he had just one more memory with the woman he knew to be a fighter. The one they called “Rocky,” for her ever-present championship.


That was when Chase thought to give, but was overwhelmed by the sheer volume of charities that send money to breast cancer research. Knowing the life-loving spirit Kristi embodied Chase wanted to do something that was going to make an impact you could feel, build her legacy, and give others the same fervor for life she had; Give other’s the same fight for life she had.


Thus, Fighter’s Fight Foundation was founded; The only registered San Diego 501©3 to give paid-for, customizable experiences to those women enduring a life-threatening, family-threatening, and financially-threatening breast cancer diagnosis to further positive memories during a stressful and uncertain time.


As President, Chase oversees all operations of the foundation and is in charge of spreading the pursuit of the foundation’s mission. He currently serves as the Vice President of Wilsey Asset Management which has given him the skills to organize and efficiently run the foundation.

Chase was born and raised in Poway, California and now resides in the Rancho Bernardo. He loves his hometown of San Diego and looks forward to helping women and families facing breast cancer in his local community.


Our Mission


A breast cancer diagnosis often presents women with circumstances that challenge the medical, familial, and financial well-being of their community. During this time stress is high, morale is low, and good memories can be few and far between.


At the Fighter's Fight Foundation, we believe being able to continue creating valuable, positive, supportive memories with our loved ones helps impacted families stand toe-to-toe with this difficult disease in strength. Therefore, it is our mission to give as much memorable relief as possible to those facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

We Fight Together

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